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Vote YES on 2A.

Let's modernize mobility in Denver.

Why Vote YES on 2A?

Denver has changed a lot over the last 100 years. So has how we get around our great city. Back then it was horses and trolleys. Today we walk, roll, bike, take the bus or train, rideshare and drive. We need a modern agency focused on increasing mobility and safety while reducing traffic congestion and fighting climate change. A new Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, will do just that -- all without raising taxes. Let's modernize mobility in our city. Vote YES on 2A.

Why We Need 2A

Form a Department of Transportation & Infrastructure

This department will continue to perform the duties of Public Works, while focusing on accelerating and enhancing transportation-related functions such as mobility services, safety programs, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and street repairs. Help Denver prioritize mobility by voting YES on 2A.

Keep up with Denver's growing population.

We need an agency focused on meeting the transportation needs of Denver’s growing population. The number of people living in the Mile High City has grown a lot in the last ten years. And our population swells even more during the workweek. 2A will make it easier for people to move around our great city. 

Increase safety and equity, while reducing traffic congestion.

Safety, equity and traffic are all big concerns for Denverites. The new department will  better achieve Denver's Vision Zero plan, while infusing social equity in all projects. The streamlined agency will additionally be able to more quickly complete projects that reduce traffic congestion in our streets.

Combat climate change and cut pollution.

2A will better manage traffic congestion by encouraging shifts to alternative, cleaner and more active modes of transportation. The department 2A creates  will also encourage electric-vehicle usage. Together we can make Denver a worldwide leader in the fight against climate change.

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Kate Williams

District A Director,

Regional Transportation District 


Piep van Heuven

Policy Director,

Bicycle Colorado


Jeff Shoemaker

Former State Representative

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Ballot Language



Shall the Charter of the City and County of Denver be amended to create the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, to require the department to perform the powers and duties formerly performed by the Department of Public Works, and to assign to the department new powers and duties in regard to transportation services, transportation safety programs, and non-motorized transportation facilities? 

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  • What’s happening to Public Works?
    YES on 2A will create a new Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. This department will perform all of the current duties of Public Works. The new department will also perform transportation and infrastructure responsibilities.
  • Will my trash still be picked up?
    Yes. The new Department of Transportation and Infrastructure will perform Public Works' responsibilities such as picking up trash, recycling and compost.
  • Will 2A raise my taxes?
    No. 2A is simply an amendment to the City of Denver's Charter. It will create the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, and require the department to perform the powers and duties formerly performed by the Department of Public Works

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