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Pueblo Library Proud

Vote YES on 6B

We have an award-winning library system.

We need to vote YES to keep it strong, and serve ALL Pueblo County residents.

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We have a combined challenge.  The 0.6 mill levy the voters passed 20 years ago for library building and capital needs is set to expire at the end of 2019.  Skyrocketing property valuations in metro Denver triggers a ratchet down in the state constitution costing Pueblo libraries at least $700,000 a year.

The Issue

YES on 6B.  6B will simply re-authorize the 0.6 mills we’re currently paying for the library.  By law the ballot measure must say tax it’s a tax increase.  But 6B is just continuing the existing 0.6 mills tax we’re already paying.  That means YES on 6B = NO NEW TAXES

The Answer

YES on 6B = No New Taxes

The Issue

Why Pueblo is #1

Best Library in America


Winner of the Leslie B. Knope National Award

Colorado Library of the Year


In September 2018, PCCLD was voted CO Library of the year by Colorado Association of Libraries!

Four Star Library


2018 Based upon per capita output measures

National Medal Library Service


The nation's highest honor for institutions that make significant and exceptional contributions to their communities

Why Pueblo is #1

What YES on 6B for our Libraries means to Pueblo

  • Special programs to help kids read, learn to think, and be entertained in a positive, productive way.

  • A free and open gathering place to read, use the internet and interact with friends.

  • Continually adding best-sellers, classics, and movies all for free.

  • New technology offering e-books, audio books and free downloads.

  • Providing increased services to the aging population.

  • Refreshing renovating our libraries and to maintain them as comfortable spaces for reading, studying, and learning.

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What YES means

The Cost

That’s the best part.  Without raising taxes, 6B would continue to cost 36 cents/month or $4.30/year for each $100,000 of actual home value.  So for a $300,000 home you’d continue paying the same $1/month for libraries you pay today.

Library Fast Facts


Books and materials checked out daily

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Visitors walk through our library doors every day


Times a day library computers and digital services are used by residents



People attended library sponsored cultural and educational programs a day

How You Can Help

If you would like to contribute to the campaign, you can send a check made out to:

Pueblo Library Proud at

PO Box 1259, Pueblo, CO 81002


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